Private Instruction

Private instruction is an ideal way to fine-tune your craft. With one-on-one instruction, the teacher will work with the student to create a tailored plan to meet the students needs. All instructors are professionally trained musicians and artists who will help the student become more confident with their own skill and talent!

Prima Voice

Voice lessons are a great way to find your individual tune. Resident voice instructor Jenna Dallacco will work with you to develop a program tailored to your interests, skill level, and character to help you reach your full potential!

Musical Theatre

Take your voice lessons to the next level with this newly offered private lesson with Lauren Lucksavage Learn the importance of not just sounding good and hitting all the right notes, but acting the song. In these lessons you will expand your range, work on repertoire and learn how to make your songs acting pieces. Learn how to express what you are singing about and make your audience feel what you are feeling!


Whether you are preparing a monologue for an audition or you want to get more in depth for character development and line delivery, our acting instructors can help find a course of action for you.


Private Dance Instruction is available in every dance discipline that we offer at Standing Ovation Studios.  Our skilled and seasoned staff can help you perfect your dance technique in one-on-one sessions.  This atmosphere lets students and instructors work at the student’s pace for a much more in depth understanding of dance.  Each student will receive their own personalized curriculum to optimize individual results.If you are looking for instruction beyond rehearsal or group dance classes, private instruction may be the way to go!

Please Note: Lessons do NOT conclude in any type of recital or performance of any kind. They are for educational purposes only!